All About Carpet Cleaning and Care

Carpet cleaning guide will help you in the best  solutions at home with Eco friendly ( green ) products , household products that can be found in your house or at the nearest market and portable machines for carpet clean. When you know special methods and techniques cleaning a carpet is easier than you think! Tips and advices for cleaning carpets without damaging them will help keeping your carpets and rugs new for years. We will tell you about different types of carpets  and different types of  cleaning like dry carpet cleaning, carpet cleaning with water, steam cleaning, vacuum carpet cleaning equipment, shampoo carpet cleaning machines , dry foam , chem dry and others.



Carpet Maintenance, Carpet Care, Keeping Carpets Clean is Easy!

How to protect carpet from dirt, oil, soil, dust, odors and other problems that shorten life of the carpet? Carpet is not something that we can buy and change every year. Usually carpets are used for years. So what to do to keep it fresh and clean? What we have to do? And what we have to remember?