Pick Colors for Tropical Home Design

Yesterday we talked about how to make tropical living room with beauty furniture. Today we want to share you tropical colors types. The colors in the design that is distinctive natural colors with a cool texture that makes occupants of the house to be comfortable . Tropical style gives a room a touch of eco-friendly and comfortable when applied to the tropics .

colors tropical

The following are some of the color choices on tropical design :

· For the tropical interior , you should use with a blend of bright colors and natural elements as the main color .

· You can try the tropical interior frame of your home with orange color application on the wall or use the color blue .

· While on the floor can be applied to the colors of sand and terracotta .

· For furniture , interior tropical choose from natural materials , such as tropical timber given a special paint coating wood , rattan , teak , and bamboo along with colored beads .

Detailed selection of tropical themed decorations can be up to election brightly colored lampshade colors or natural colors ( green leaf , brown soil , sea blue ) , as well as for the selection of sofas and other furniture color .


How to Build Interior Tropical Design

Tropical-style design gives the concept of natural offset. This design is suitable for the tropics, seem cool and comfortable. You can apply a tropical design in your home. Natural colors are bright but shady fitting option to apply to the interior of tropical style.

With the blend of colors, the atmosphere would still feel cool. Suitable for residential located in tropical regions, such as Indonesia. Below are some tropical designs that you can make tropical style ideas to apply:

interior tropical

Congratulations residential interior design with tropical style.

Tropical Residential Architectural Design

A few minutes ago, we wrote about tropical kitchen design. Anda now we want to discuss about how to build tropical house. Tropical architectural style of the building is appropriate in the tropics . Yes , tropical-style architectural design of the building that brought the concept of adapting the tropical climate conditions . Most appropriate when applied to the existing residential area of ​​Indonesia .

tropical house

Applying the concept of tropical dwelling is not a difficult thing . We can play with the typical form of this style juxtaposed with the colors of the tropical design . Create a wide window openings or grilles give the aperture wall to block the incoming sunlight and make the air circulation becomes smooth .

To blend colors , natural colors can be selected visible light . Color is commonly used to design the tropical-style rooms include green, blue , brown , white , or orange color . So , for those who want to arrange the room to use tropical style , you can apply these colors .

Tropical design idea appeared in a hot climate conditions to match the architecture of buildings and houses that can provide comfort for the residents .