What is Better for Cosy Home: Carpet or Rugs?

Carpets or rugs? What is better for your home? When we buy any furniture and decorating house first of all we think about comfort and maintenance. So when it comes to flooring in your house what to choose? What is the best for the floors?

Advantages of carpets. You can buy carpets for the whole house and it will look nice and comfortable. Big choice of carpets from the cheapest Berber carpeting up to the most expensive and luxury ones allows to find the most suitable carpet by colour and texture  for any house. If you can not find which colour or texture will suit your furniture, walls and so on, you can just buy some beige coloured carpet and be sure it looks nice and suits everything and every room, even kitchen and hall. Another advantage of carpets is that it gives some look of warmness and cosiness in the house. It is not only a look, there is a percentage of true: in winter house really stays warmer with carpets in all the rooms.

What is Better for Cosy Home Carpet or Rugs
What is Better for Cosy Home: Carpet or Rugs

Disadvantages of carpets. The biggest disadvantage of so called wall to wall carpets is maintenance. Of course there are a lot of carpet cleaning companies who clean carpets well, but when it comes to do it yourself methods, you understand that it would be much easier to take rugs to the garden and just wash them there yourself. Another disadvantage is that if you buy one coloured rug for all the rooms, then when you change it in lets say living room then, you have to change all the carpets in the house or accept different colours in different rooms. Finding the same colour in 5 or 10 years maybe almost impossible.

Advantages of rugs. Main advantage of rugs is that they are easy portable. Are you renting a house? Or going to move soon? or move from time to time? There is no meaning then to buy carpets. Another situation is with rugs. You can easily roll them and move as much as you want. When you want to change decoration of one room you can buy new rugs also, it is not so expensive as to change the carpets. One more very important moment: our health. It is healthy to clean rugs and floors regularly, especially if you have baby or pets at home. Even some dust can lead to allergy and health problems. When you have carpets you can not wash floors. Carpets stock dust behind the furniture and in the corners. Vacuum cleaning is not enough and if you are not sure that you can clean carpets well, it is better to put some small rug in the middle of the room and weekly wash floors with detergents to be sure it is clean.

Disadvantages of rugs. Not everybody like rugs cause they slide and move and you need to put something heavy on it. Another bad side of rugs is that it can not hide bad colour of floors. There was situation in my house when tiles flooring of it was made by owner in blue colour. I did not want my house to be blue, and at the same time i had no opportunity to change colour of floors. So i had to buy carpets in all the rooms.

My opinion. If I have to choose ones again flooring for my house I will definitely choose rugs. Maintenance of rugs is easy and i can change them any time i want. Rugs are cheap. On another side i like my carpeting for its cosiness and comfort. In cold winter days I do not need slippers  every part in the house is covered by carpets. Really, difficult to decide. Think twice before you buy.


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