All About Carpet Cleaning and Care

Carpet cleaning guide will help you in the best  solutions at home with Eco friendly ( green ) products , household products that can be found in your house or at the nearest market and portable machines for carpet clean. When you know special methods and techniques cleaning a carpet is easier than you think! Tips and advices for cleaning carpets without damaging them will help keeping your carpets and rugs new for years. We will tell you about different types of carpets  and different types of  cleaning like dry carpet cleaning, carpet cleaning with water, steam cleaning, vacuum carpet cleaning equipment, shampoo carpet cleaning machines , dry foam , chem dry and others.

All about carpet cleaning and care
All about carpet cleaning and care

The best  tip: keep your carpet clean.  How to do it? Keep your carpet away from dust, take of shoes and ask your guests to do the same, do not buy difficult for cleaning carpers and rugs for kitchen and eating area. If you have a small baby cover the carpet with some sheet when he is eating, drinking, drawing. It’s a good advice both for carpet and upholstery cleaning. If you have pets it is better to buy a carpet that can be cleaned easy, choose beautiful colours, so even some simple rug or carpet will look nice and cosy. Carpet protection will save your time and money!

Carpet care basics:

  1. Clean carpets with vacuum cleaner minimum once a week ( though this rule is not valid in families with small children, usually women have to clean carpets in living room every day).
  2. Wall to wall carpeting has hard to reach places like radiators, corners, places behind and under furniture are also have to be clean once a week though they look cleaner that areas with heavy traffic.
  3. When you use cleaning household products read instruction first! It is important for what types of carpets and upholstery you will use chemicals.
  4. Never leave spots and spills for tomorrow, clean them today!
  5. After cleaning carpet with water always be sure that carpet dried well, otherwise it can lead to bad smell.

Carpet cleaning tips and solutions will always help you in quickly and easy results, just keep in mind, that if you have an expensive carpet or a rug that you have brought from another country as a souvenir it is better to use local professional  services from reliable  companies like Dalworth, Kiwi, Dirt free, Servicemaster, Zerorez, Houndstooth, Wizard and Sears! Call  specialists, they have special  equipment for different types of carpets, in this case they do not use machines and strong  products that can be harmful for your carpet. In this case it is better not to look for cheap carpet cleaning cost cause carpet’s appearance and safety is more important, and, by the way,  rates differ on how difficult the care will be, price may include  truck mount or van. For cheap prices check specials and discounts that from time to time provide every  company.


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