Some Carpet Cleaning Colutions Reviews

Carpet cleaning solutions. Visit some market and you will understand how many cleaning products are sold every day for all purposes. It can be carpet shampoo, spot remover, smell removers, brighteners, and other products for carpets. Which to choose? Chemical  or green, Eco- friendly solutions or doityourself methods? What is more healthier and gives better result? It will take time and some articles to tell about all the carpet solutions that are sold or can be made at home from some kitchen stuff?

Some carpet cleaning solutions reviews
Some carpet cleaning solutions reviews


  1. Ready  solutions for carpet cleaners. Be careful when using carpet cleaner rentals. Every cleaning requires its special  detergent. Some of them maybe very expensive. When you rent a carpet cleaner you pay different price for carpet cleaner and different price for detergent.
  2. Simple Green. It is a cheap cleaner that is sold almost everywhere in the US. Reviews of this product say that it is also a very effective cleaning product. Have a try.
  3. Baking soda for doityourself methods of cleaning. Soda not only cleans well but also gives fresh smell to carpets. You can put some soda in the water or just spray some powder on the carper. Very Eco-friendly method of home cleaning carpet.
  4. Homemade mixture of vinegar, water and ammonia can give good results if you do not have anything else at home, and you need to remove some spill or spot urgently.
  5. Water and Windex. As it is very cheap, a lot of people prefer this solution. But not everybody like its smell. You can try though.
  6. Vinegar. Advantages of vinegar: cheap, Eco- friendly, organic, effective. Vinegar is used often for cleaning in every house.  It will take a new article to tell you about all advantages of vinegar as a best natural cleaner.

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