Maintenance of Different Types of Carpets, Easy Carpet Cleaning

Is it important which type of carpet or flooring you buy? It is not only the question of comfort, design and beauty but also maintenance. How to take care of the carpet and make it always fresh and look like a new one? Different types of flooring need different care. You can not apply any carpet cleaning method to this or that type of carpet or rug. In which area do you live, can you afford yourself modern and safe  methods? Will you clean your carpet yourself or call for a  specialist? I am sure that if you clean your carpets yourself you would like to buy a carpet that is easy for cleaningwouldnt you?.

Maintenance of Different Types of Carpets, Easy Carpet Cleaning
Maintenance of Different Types of Carpets, Easy Carpet Cleaning

Different types of carpets

  1. Cut pile carpet. It is the most popular carpet type both for comfort and easy maintenance.
  2. Carpet tiles. Its a carpet that have some parts that are placed like tile. This carpets are very easy to clean, cause you can just take part of it, the most dirty or that has spots or spills and clean it, or, if it spoiled seriously ( for example was burned by something hot like iron) you can replace it with a new part without changing all the carpet.
  3. Outdoor carpets. Outdoor carpets that are used outside the house are very easy for cleaning.
  4. Level loop pile carpet. This carpet is durable and resistant to spots, spills and stains  but as its fibers are cut to the same height it looks simple and you may not like it for house. Usually this type of carpets is used in the offices.
  5. Multi level loop pile carpets. As its fibers are cut not to the same height this carpets create a kind of pattern or texture and look nice and cosy. This carpet is ideal for houses.

In my next article I will tell about carpet types and their maintenance in details. Also carpet cleaning methods will be mentioned in details.


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