Carpet Maintenance, Carpet Care, Keeping Carpets Clean is Easy!

How to protect carpet from dirt, oil, soil, dust, odors and other problems that shorten life of the carpet? Carpet is not something that we can buy and change every year. Usually carpets are used for years. So what to do to keep it fresh and clean? What we have to do? And what we have to remember?

Carpet Maintenance, Carpet Care, Keeping Carpets Clean is Easy
Carpet Maintenance, Carpet Care, Keeping Carpets Clean is Easy
  1. Use vacuum cleaner minimum one a week. Living room and kitchen even twice a week. This will help to keep carpet clean and protect from most common type of dirt.
  2. Make professional carpet care cleaning ( or call for some  carpet cleaning company) minimum once a year. The best is to use carpet steam cleaning services. You can rent carpet cleaner if you want it cheaper.
  3. Use carpet shampoo only to remove spots and spills. Hand washing carpet shampoo can be very useful in removing spots from the carpets but it is not a good idea to clean carpet with shampoo in general. Foam that stays in the carpet after cleaning attracts soil even more, than usually, so you will have to clean carpet more often.
  4. Open windows in the house regularly in hot dry weather, and keep the house fry in rainy seasons, it will help to avoid carpet odors for a long time.
  5. Do not use carpets at all in the rooms with pets. After you vacuum the carpet it looks nice and clean but you will never know what is left between the fibers of it until you can for a steam carpet cleaning services. Pets bring a lot of dirt with their paws.
  6. Use entry rugs if you do not take of your shoes in the house.
  7. Change furnitures place from time to time. Carpets are spoiled at the places of high traffic and where people seat, sofa for example. Let fibers come to themselves from time to time. Think you have noticed already that some places of your carpet are still like new and someone look like bold.

And what do you do for keeping your carpet like new?


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